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California 2001


Yes, snail, climb up that mountain, but slowly, very slowly! - Ja, Schnecke besteig den Fuji, aber langsam, langsam! - Issa
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Hard Rock Cafe San 
Francisco, California / Van Ness

Hard Rock Cafe SF
California / Van Ness

Mark Kendall "Train Station"

Crossroads in Yucaipa

Jill Knight

Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco
California Street / Van Ness

Audie Desbrow - Great-White
Tony Montana Band

Todd "Train Station" 
new CD "Train Station

Hey Jimmy....
Market-Street SF

Saxophon-Man with Dogie
Fisherman's Wharf

Tony Montana ex-Great-White 
new CD "Tombstone Shuffle"

Tony - Crossroads Concert
Bar 32464 Dunlap Blvd. 
Yucaipa CA 92399

Telegraph-Street Berkley

Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco

Market-Street SF

Older Hippie
Telegraph-Street Berkley

 Swiss Chocolate Gifts - Pier 39 SF

Amoeba Music
1855 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117 

Harley Davidson - Sausalito

Harley's Highway No. 1

Homeless with Dogie
Pier 39 SF

Sleeping Chinese-Man
at work in his store Tiburon

"Need Cash 4 Weed"
Pier 39 San Francisco

Telegraph-Street Berkley

Old man with his dog 
and bike Sausalito

On the Ferry Blue & Gold Fleet 

House Tiburon Tommies

Santa Cruz -

Sausalito - 

Santa Cruz Pier

Santa Cruz Pier

Street to the Wharf Tiburon


Harley Davidson on Fisherman's Wharf

Transamerica Pyramide

Sailing in front of Fort Mason

Windjammer - Harbor of San Francisco

Old Jail Alcatraz - "The Rock" - Island

Old Jail Alcatraz - "The Rock" - Island

New Jail "Alcatraz" in Larkspur
Alcatraz = spanish name of Pelican

Ghirardelli Square - San Francisco
before chocolate-fabrication
since 1962 shopping centers

Metal Man San Francisco

Peace Sign San Francisco

Lots of Music-Stores

Coit-Tower SF - view to North

Coit-Tower SF - view to South-West

Italian Restaurant Columbus-Street

Vegetarian Restaurant Fort Mason 

Store for cats and dogs 
only Sausalito

up to the sky.... SF

Coit-Tower SF - view to West

San Francisco - view from sea

SF Museum of Modern Art 
151 Third Street, San Francisco
CA 94103  (build by Mario Botta)

Columbus-Street SF

Slogans at the murals Haight-Street SF

Cable Car San - Francisco

Turn the Cable Car 
by Hands

China Town - San Francisco

China Town Portal - San Francisco


Flowers "Sea Otter Inn"

Restroom-Door inside

What a Choice!

Dessert of "Gummibären" and Amaretti include to every meal

Point Lobos San Francisco

Muir-Woods - Redwood-
Sequoia  with Tower-Tours 

Muir-Woods - Redwood-Sequoia
 850 years old the big one
and 4 years old the little Giant-Sequoia

Devon - Ex-Haight-Hippie

Squirrel Muir-Woods (Streifenhörnchen)

One of the towers of Golden Gate

During the construction

Golden Gate Bridge
built by Richard Strauss
05.01.1933 - 27.05.1937 - 35,5 Mio. $

Total length of bridge

2'737 m

Length  suspended structure

1'966 m

Length of main span

1'240 m

Width of bridge

27.4 m

Heigth over water

67 m

Heigth of towers

227 m

Length of one cable

2'330 m

Diameter of main cables

0.92 m

No. of wires in each cable


No. of strands in each cable


under the bridge

hanging cable

Big Sur - Highway No. 1

Pacific Coast - Big Sur - Highway No. 1

Icebear Zoo SF (bubuorsa)

Tiger-Shark Sea-Aquarium Monterey

Moro-Bay (Hwy No. 1)
Moro-Bay (Hwy No. 1)

Pacific Coast San Francisco

Moro-Bay (Hwy No. 1)



... on Anke's leg

Squirrel (Erdhörnchen) HWY No. 1

Sea-Otter "Kroky"
Sea-Aquarium Monterey
886 Cannery Row Monterey
CA 93940-1085

Sea-Lions Moro-Bay (Hwy No 1) 

Sea-Lions Pier 39
San Francisco

(pic by Anke)



Ghost-Trees Pebble-Beach Monterey
(pic by Anke)

 Anke Rory Ri

 On the way to Larkspur

Rory and Ri

 With Peter Rory at "Greens" a vegetarian restaurant

Rory, everytime laugthing

2 months May and June 2001

The best holidays in my life.